900 Watts of pure power from Darkglass. The Microtubes 900 is lightweight, and packs a lot of punch.  


This is my custom Maruszczyk bass made in Poland. Amazing tone, highly versatile, and well balanced. Loaded with Bartolini pickups and an Aguilar preamp. This bass is an absolute dream to play.

Beautiful lightweight 1962 reissue Precision bass from Fender Japan. Thanks to the Rosewood fingerboard, the tone is dark and smooth. 


Fender Japan 75 reissue Jazz Bass made in 1993. Modeled to aesthetically and tonally represent the classic 1970's, this bass is perfect for any style of music. Punchy, thumping and beautiful all in one package.  

Beautiful lightweight 5 string made in Poland. Loaded with none other than Bartolini Classic Bass pickups and NTMB preamp.